Downtown Transitional Care Network

What is the Transitional Care Network?

The Transitional Care Network (TCN) is a hospital-to-home transitional care service that bridges the gaps between a hospital discharge and a strong recovery.

This city-wide community service provides temporary case management, home care assistance, medical escorts, and in-home personal needs for seniors and people with disabilities to secure a safe transition from care facilities to one’s home.

Continuum of Care Partners

Department of Aging & Adult Services
Health Research for Action
IHSS Human Services Agency
IHSS Consortium
IHSS Public Authority
Community Living Fund
Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly

San Francisco  Senior Center
Transitional Care Network

Sandy Thongkhamsouk
Transitional Care Network
481 O’Farrell Street
Phone: 415-923-4491
Fax: 415-923-4492



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