Our Staff Directory

Aquatic Park Center
890 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Direct: 415.775.1866
Fax: 415.775.2040
Mon.-Fri. 9am-4pm

In the Bay View Room
M-F and Sunday 12pm

Sue Horst
SFSC Center Director
Direct: 415.775.2562
Email: shorst@ncphs.org


Jill Spezzano
Service Coordinator
Direct: 415.923.4481
Email: jspezzano@ncphs.org


Jan Freeman
Program Assistant
Direct: 415.775.1869
Email: jfreeman@ncphs.org



Frank MitchellFrank Mitchell
Program Coordinator
Direct: 415.923.4485
Email: fmitchell@ncphs.org




Sue Mittelman
Fitness & Health Coordinator
Direct: 415.923.4482
Email: smittelman@ncphs.org




Jerry HuJerry Hu
Information & Assistance Specialist
Direct: 415.202.2983
Email: zhu@ncphs.org



Vilma Molina
Information & Assistance Specialist
Direct: 415.202.2982
Email: vmolina@ncphs.org




Eva Reyes
Direct: 415.775.2976
Email: ereyes@ncphs.org


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